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Upload system in Mandriva

Mandriva has set up a new building system, here is a short step-by-step procedure introducing it

mercredi 17 janvier 2007, par Stéphane Téletchéa

Mandriva has introduced since june 2006 a new build systems which is now mature. There are very good instructions and explantaitons on Mandriva’s Wiki about the processus in itself, this article is mostly focused on what a contributor should focus on whie using the system.

This is also mostly a reminder for me :-)

Importing a package, modifying it and submitting it

1 - ask for being added to /etc/repsys.conf file (login name and email address).

2 - once done, import your srcpm into svn using mdvsys :

mdvsys import package.srcrpm

3 - create the local svn copy on your home on the cluster (on the node, not on kenobi, for instance i’m on n2)

mdvsys co package

4 - cd into the created package, go into SPECS and/of SOURCES directories and adjust what you need

5 - you can try the modifications before submitting via using mdvys build on your package dir, it will use the local copy you’ve just updated and you’ll see if the build is correct or not.
Please pay attention, i mentioned the package dir, not your home dir !

6 - go on seggie (or any other 64 bits machine) and redo the mdvsys build on you package dir to verify you’re not missing something on x86_64.

7 - rpmlint both i586 and x86_64, correct errors before being rejected by iurt ;-) Correcting warnings is also a good practice.

rpmlint package.arch.rpm

8 - once corrections are ok with rpmlint, commit your changes in svn. cd into your package dir, do :

mdvsys ci -m "new release
_ spec fix for incorrect buildrequires
_ add foobar as provides"

9 - last, submit the resulting package to the build/upload system :

cd $HOME
_ mdvsys submit package

Note that you can specify the svn version (using the -r option) but mdvsys will default to the last one available in case you do not provide it.

10 - Check on where is your package (upload status) where the package stays : Queued, Building, Build (and build status : sucessfull or failure).

I hope i’ve been explicit enough !
In clear : use svn, use mdvsys, and your packager’s life will be paved with gold.

Short tips

- Editing your commit revision. Sometimes, you make a typo. To correct it, you can use svn’featrues (see the website for a more detailed explanation) :

svn propedit -r <revision> --revprop svn:log
svn propset -r <revision> --revprop svn:log "line1

- Submitting for an older version (by default, submission are for the lastest developpment serie aka cooker most of the time). For instance submitting the package refdb, svn revision 109452 (note i’m using contrib/releasze as a section, since i’m only a contributor ;-) :

repsys submit -t 2007.0 --define section=contrib/release refdb 109452

(more information on Mandriva’s wiki)


2007-01-24 Some corrections and typos.

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