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The "art" of scientific writing in English (for a non native)

A simple how-to of frequent errors made while writing an article in English (American)

Wednesday 18 July 2012, by Stéphane Téletchéa

Of course, since I’m French, this article will be far from being complete, so do not hesitate to correct me !

Define the topic of your research publication

Start your document with well-defined sections

Checklist of words you should pay attention to while writing


Some remarks from teachers

Be concise when you write

Most often the number of words allowed in a paper is limited ( Here is a short list of replacements:

Instead of: Write:
possess have
sufficient enough
utilize use
demonstrate show
assistance help
terminate end
Instead of:Write:
prior to before
due to the fact that because
in a considerable number of cases often
the vast majority of most
during the time that when
in close proximity to near
it has long been known that I’m too lazy to look up the reference

Pay attention to americanism

Words ending in -or (American) -our (British) color, colour, humor, humour, flavor, flavour etc.
Words ending in -ize (American) -ise (British) recognize / recognise, patronize / patronise etc.
modeller in American, modeler in English

Idiomatic expressions / proverbs

The order of words in a sentence is important

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