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9.2 beta2 (Canicule) extended bug report

Friday 8 August 2003

Here are some details to help understand better what is not functionning correctly.

Tout d’abord, cette rubrique est en anglais, mais comme le développement de Mandrake Linux se fait en anglais, vous me pardonnerez ... bien sûr si un paragraphe n’est pas clair, signalez-le moi.

WARNING : while complaining that printer-utils rpm not found, you can log into console (ctrl+alt+F1) and see the following :

- /var/lib/rpm/Triggername : No such file or directory
- /var/lib/rpm/Triggername : cannot sync : No such file or directory
- /var/lib/rpm/Conflictname : No such file or directory
- /var/lib/rpm/Conflictname : cannot sync : No such file or directory

BUG : Some icons are messy at gnome first start, and not well placed until you select the automatic replacement in gnome menu.

Messy icons

BUG : gnome-panel-screenshot doesn’t recognize the keyboard shortcut (printscreen or alt+printscreen), you must use the gnome menu to have it working.

FEATURE REQUEST : gpm is not installed by default so if you want a mouse selection in ttys, you must install it.

BUG : gnome-startup seems stucked in galaxy theme loading.

BUG : (Annoying) when back into the mdkdm login manager, if you want to reboot, sometimes the window is empty, you need to kill X to have it back.

BUG : when shutting down, SASLauthd produced an error instead of [OK].

FEATURE REQUEST : some comments should be in the boot sequence (more than F2 stuff) to explain that Mdk is coming up.

FEATURE REQUEST : should have dictionnary on by default (as in RedHat for exeample). For the moment you need to activate it by hand. See :
Errors are not corrected (in French)
Dictionnaire non activé par défaut

Here is why they are not :
Voici pourquoi

How to correct it :
Et voila l’erreur est réparée

Now errors are underlined :
La faut est maintenant soulignée

A correction is suggested :
La correction de l’erreur est suggérée

Finally everything is correct :
Maintenant tout est correct !

Hope it’ll make a better distribution !



Messy icons

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