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Monday 6 October 2003, by Stéphane Téletchéa

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16. Téletchéa S, Santuz H, Léonard S, Etchebest C. Repository of Enriched
Structures of Proteins Involved in the Red Blood Cell Environment (RESPIRE). PLoS One. 2019;14(2):e0211043


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Grandjean C. Development of a Sensitive Microarray Platform for the Ranking of
Galectin Inhibitors: Identification of a Selective Galectin-3 Inhibitor.
Chembiochem. 2017 Dec 14;18(24):2428-2440

14. Atmanene C, Ronin C, Téletchéa S, Gautier FM, Djedaïni-Pilard F, Ciesielski F, Vivat V, Grandjean C. Biophysical and structural characterization of mono/di-arylated lactosamine derivatives interaction with human galectin-3. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017 Jul 29;489(3):281-286.


13. Ségaliny AI, Brion R, Brulin B, Maillasson M,Charrier C, Téletchéa S, Heymann D. IL-34 and M-CSF form a novel heteromeric cytokine and regulate the M-CSF receptor activation and localization. Cytokine 76(2):170:181.

12. Pierrick Craveur, Agnel P. Joseph, Jeremy Esque, Tarun J. Narwani, Floriane Noël, Nicolas Shinada, Matthieu Goguet, Sylvain Leonard, Pierre Poulain, Olivier Bertrand, Guilhem Faure, Joseph Rebehmed, Amine Ghozlane, Lakshmipuram S. Swapna, Ramachandra M. Bhaskara, Jonathan Barnoud, Stéphane Téletchéa, Vincent Jallu, Jiri Cerny, Bohdan Schneider, Catherine Etchebest, Narayanaswamy Srinivasan, Jean-Christophe Gelly and Alexandre G. de Brevern. Protein flexibility in the light of structural alphabets. Front. Mol. Biosci., 27 May 2015.


11. S. Téletchéa, V. Stresing, S. Hervouet, M. Baud’huin, M-F. Heymann, G. Bertho, C. Charrier, K. Ando, D. Heymann. Novel RANK antagonists for the treatment of bone resorptive disease: Theoretical predictions and experimental validation. JMBR, 29(6), 1466-1477.



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9. G. Launay, S. Téletchéa, F. Wade, E. Pajot-Augy, J-F. Gibrat and G. Sanz. Automatic Modeling of Mammalian Olfactory Receptors and Docking of Odorants. Protein Engineering, Design and Selection. 25(8), 377-386, 2012

8. G. Picarda, S. Surget, R. Guiho, S. Téletchéa, M. Berreur, F. Tirode,C. Pellat-Deceunynck, D. Heymann, V. Trichet and F. Rédini . A Functional, New Short Isoform of Death Receptor 4 in Ewing’s Sarcoma Cell Lines May Be Involved in TRAIL Sensitivity/Resistance Mechanisms. Mol Cancer Res 10, 336–346, 2012

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5. S. Téletchéa*, T. Skauge*, E. Sletten, J. Kozelka. Cisplatin Adducts on a GGG Sequence within a DNA Ds Decamer Studied by NMR Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Chemistry - A European Journal. 15(45), p 12320-12337, 2009.
* : co-auteurs.


4. S. Téletchéa*, S. Komeda*, J-M. Teuben, M-A. Elizondo-Riojas, J. Reedijk, and J. Kozelka. A pyrazolato-bridged dinuclear platinum(II) complex induces only minor distortions upon DNA-binding. Chemistry - A European Journal. 12(14), p 3741-3753, 2006
* : co-auteurs.


3. M. Drumm*, S. Téletchéa*, and J. Kozelka. Molecular dynamics of the transcription factor LEF-1 with its cognate DNA: A 20 nanosecond simulation with explicit solvent. J. of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, 23(1), p 1-12, 2005.
* : co-auteurs.


2. S. Téletchéa, B. Hartmann, and J. Kozelka. Discrimination between BI and BII conformational substates of B-DNA based on sugar-base interproton distances. J. of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, 21(4), p 489-494, 2004.


1. S. Harvey, C. Wang, S. Téletchea, and R. Lavery.
Motifs in nucleic acids: Molecular mechanics restraints for base pairing and base stacking. J. of Computational Chemistry, 24(1), p 1-9, 2003.

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