Introduction to Structural bioinformatics

, by Stéphane

This article contains useful links and documents part of an introductory lecture given to lab member of the US2B laboratory ( in October 2023. This page will be updated regularly to add useful information from their feedback.

As much as possible, the origin and references are given for a more complex introduction to the field, feel free to contact me for further precisions. The documents attached below are released under a permissive.

Previous introductions

I did in the past two recorded introductions with common parts on the field. One in French and the second in English. Here are the vidéos.

Introduction to Structural bioinformatics, 2018, English (video)

Unfortunately this video has some interferences for sound records, so some parts contains sound scratches, overall most of the video is useful. This was an introductory lecture for a GGMM sponsored thematic school In Nantes, France (

Introduction à la bioinformatique structurale, 2020, French (video)

This lecture was given to third-year bachelor students, and includes a little section about SARS-CoV-2 proteins structures and functions.

Introduction à la bioinformatique structurale, 2020, French (article)

I wrote an article in the French magazine GNU/Linux Magazine France about Structural Bioinformatics and alphaFold (2), you can find it here :

First lecture, introductory concepts

This document presents rapidly some important milestones in structural biology, and the latest developments in structural bioinformatics. It should probably be split into multiple files to focus on more specific chapters and sections.


Second lecture, addition of definitions and model validation